The pride parade


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Application for Entry

If not an organization, please include names of ALL participants in your group.
Estimated number of participants from your organization*
Type of Participation*
You must be able to provide proof of insurance for vehicles.
If you are sponsoring a group to participate in the Pride parade, please indicate the name of the group.
Why do you want to be part of this Pride parade?
Thank you, good luck, and we hope to see you at Pride Downtown 2017! Don't forget to grab a shirt while you're here.

The first-ever Pride parade in downtown Corpus Christi is taking place on June 3, 2017 at 7PM, beginning in front of the Art Center on North Shoreline Boulevard, traveling north, hanging a left on Starr Street, and coming to an end at House of Rock. 

With only 22 slots in this year's parade, you'll want to act fast to secure your place in Corpus Christi history! Please review and complete this application in order to be considered for participation in the First-Ever Pride Parade in downtown Corpus Christi. 

The form must be filled out completely and submitted no later than May 19, 2017, along with the required fees.

- Nonprofit organizations will be charged a $100 entry fee

- Commercial units* will be charged a $250 entry fee

- Miscellaneous groups of up to 25 people will be charged a $50 fee

- Individuals who wish to march in the parade will be charged a $10 entry fee

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]. Thank you and good luck!

*Commercial units are any units sponsored by, representing, or promoting a commercial venture or other for-profit organization or entity.